Finding the Maze

I've often driven down the shoddy streets of Stanger, dodging taxi's and people, passing by the white statue to Shaka and wondered where his origional capital was. Was it on the hills above the town looking down on the fertile valleys below or was it on the hills looking over the sea? How big was … Continue reading Finding the Maze

Dr Stokes for sickly folks

Saturday was one of those hot, humid and suppressing Maritzburg days, one of those days that needs an afternoon thunderstorm to not only cool things down but also wash away the dust. Climbing out of the car at Fort Napier Military Cemetery, one could feel the moisture being sucked out of ones skin. The grass … Continue reading Dr Stokes for sickly folks

Uncovering the Cavemen of the North Coast

I've heard stories of this cave near Tongaat where archeologists had found proof of people living in the area dating back to seventy thousand odd years. I've also often wondered where exactly it was and if it was accessible. A couple of clicks on my mobile and the co- ordinates were saved for future reference. … Continue reading Uncovering the Cavemen of the North Coast