Guard Duty.

I remember most of it like it was yesterday, even though it happened more than thirty years ago. I had just been given special leave to go and write an entrance exam at Durban Technicon to do graphic design. I had just got back to base after my shock encounter with the arty crowd, with … Continue reading Guard Duty.


The famous horseman of Pinetown

If you cross over the busy Kings Road in Pinetown, mind out for the taxis and hold on tight to your watch and wallet, in a little wooded area in the car park across the road from the municipal building, you will come across a line of scruffy and unkept graves that lie in the … Continue reading The famous horseman of Pinetown

A long way from home.

It was the morning of the 4th of May, 1978. It was four am and the day had arrived. Skillie, with the rest of the 366 Composite Para Batallion, comprising mostly Citizen force reserve parabat units were in the hanger quietly fitting weapons, equipment and parachutes. They had been away from family and friends for … Continue reading A long way from home.